"Cyberweapons are the most dangerous innovation of this century."
Eugene Kaspersky, - founder of Europe's largest cyber security company

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) projected that more than 700,000 new cyber security professionals will be needed in the United States alone by 2015


Computer Virus Strikes Turbine Controls According to multiple studies, last year the energy sector was the target of more than 40 percent of all reported cyber attacks on critical infrastructure networks. Recently, a representative from a three-letter U.S. agency publically disclosed that a malicious computer virus that was unknowingly transferred from a USB thumb drive attacked the industrial control systems of a turbine generator at a U.S. utility. Efforts to eradicate and recover from this malicious code took three plus weeks. Little information has been disclosed about who might have been behind this recent incident


Operation Red October-
was a very discriminating, selective and highly targeted cyber attack. Those behind this incident chose their targets of this cyber espionage attack very carefully. Cyber investigators believe that this cyber attack dates back at least to as early as 2007. Not only were the attackers highly selective about whom they targeted, but they went after high value file formats. Particularly troubling is the fact that they exfiltrated encrypted files which would lead one to believe they had a way to crack the encryption and get access to the sensitive contents. Add to that the fact that this operation consisted of approximately 1000 individual modules. Analysis indicated that Operation Red October is the most complex cyber espionage program seen to date and the implications of this discovery is still being discovered.


Cyber Intelligence has now emerged as a growing discipline within the global intelligence community. Recognizing the threat cyber attacks pose to business, government, industry and individuals the need for specific intelligence about cyber threats, those behind attacks and the development of cyber attack techniques has become a top priority. This new discipline has even become integrated into private sector businesses as they struggle to defend their systems and intellectual property from continuous attacks. A concerted effort in cyber intelligence will allow cyber security to move away from the current reactive posture and become much more proactive.